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360 Ecosystem

The complete suite

The RCX Ecosystem comprises four products designed to manage, share and view 360° content. It allows architects, designers, and stakeholders to collaborate in real-time using immersive 360° technology. This cutting edge approach streamlines workflows, accelerates project timelines and sets new standards in the industry.

360 View
  • View 360° content
  • Real time updates
  • View content in VR
  • Device motion enabled
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play
Free download
360 Manage
  • Upload 360° content
  • Backbone of the suite
  • Manage users & access
  • File & filter projects
  • Create clients
  • Add projects
360 Lens
  • Preview 360° content
  • Intuitive desktop app
  • View images in bulk
  • Local file viewing
Free download
360 Compress
  • Prepare content upload for 360 Manage
  • Compress large files to less than 5MB
Free download

Scan or tap to experience

View 360° content on mobile devices simple by scanning our generated QR code, as easy as that!


Accelerate Projects

Strengthen collaboration between creators and decision-makers. The RCX 360 Ecosystem simplifies sharing plans, designs, and feedback for efficient iteration and approval processes.

Clear Connections

Maintain consistent communication between creators and decision-makers across multiple departments, keeping all teams in sync regardless of everyone's technical expertise or device.

Effortless Integration

Create RCX 360 content from various sources, such as 360° cameras, architectural software or render packages, and view them without extensive hardware or software requirements.

Team Sync

Collaborate effectively with all stakeholders (architects, engineers, developers, marketers) using RCX 360 to share initial site surveys, concepts, and promotional images.

Intuitive Interface

The 360 Manage interface enables seamless interaction with features including dynamic QR codes, offline viewing and tailored project permissions for smooth navigation and efficient content management.

Global Access

Remote viewing of plans allows teams onsite to access and understand the most current designs, enhancing collaborative experiences on a phone or laptop.

In 3 simple steps

1/ Create & Prepare
Create 360° content from popular CAD, rendering, and photographic software during your workflow. Export it to equirectangular format and preview and compress ready for upload.
2/ Upload & File
Easily organise, filter and access your 360° content on a single, easy to navigate platform.

3/ View & Share
Easily share 360° content and include dynamic QR codes for users to scan and see in the office or on the go with the 360 View mobile app.

Valuable at every stage

Site surveys
No need to travel, experience sites as if you were there. File and share 360° content from laser scans, aerial photos or digital maps so everyone can understand the site’s existing conditions.
Concept design
The RCX 360 ecosystem provides an immersive visual experience, leveraging the power of 360° content to deliver next level creativity. It effectively bridges the gap between initial designs and final outcomes, providing creatives with a comprehensive understanding of their vision.
Build stage
Create and place dynamic QR codes on construction drawings for contractors to scan and visualise the design. Save time, reduce travel costs, improve communication and form creative unity across your team during building works.
Marketing & Promotions
360° content is a powerful selling tool to give your customers an immersive experience. Create custom dynamic QR codes for your marketing collateral and embed 360° imagery directly into your website.


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What's included

360° Content from Multiple Sources
  • BIM and CAD software renders
  • 3D modelling renders
  • 360° camera images
  • 3D scanning software images
Share with Others
  • Easily share with dynamic QR codes
  • Set access to be public or private
  • Assign users to a client or project
  • Apply custom colours and logos
Secure ecosystem
  • Control access with permission levels
  • Isolated workspaces
  • Industry-level encryption and storage
  • Powered by Stripe for payments

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